Ghost Section

The Ghost Section exhibits some of the  the last natural landscape of its’ kind.  Many people associate the “Wolf River” with the channelized downstream waterway coarsing through the heart of Memphis.  

This is not the case for the pristine waters of the Ghost Section and Upper Wolf River.  From Baker’s pond in Holly Springs National forest a birth of playful, cascading river emerges from a spring.  Amusedly meandering its way to the Ghost Section one will find an almost forgotten forest ecosystem.  Boasting a high-water mark, the solemn cypress trees stand motionless in a never-ending placid pool.  Accompanied by the water tupelo, these trees encompass a breathtaking ecosystem.  

Bottomland hardwoods, wetlands and river grassland make the Ghost Section experience a truly one-of-a-kind tour.  These lands are abundant with wildlife and protected intensively.

From the Yager Bridge in LaGrange to the Bateman Bridge in Moscow there are a series of blue canoe trail blazes and six numerical markers.  This trail through the Ghost Section is made possible by a combined effort from volunteers of The Wolf River Conservancy, Bluff City Canoe Club, Trips on the Wolf River, Ghost River Rentals, and many others. 

Photo by Harry Babb

 If you want to see the Ghost Section for yourself, we strongly encourage you to see, hear, and feel this old river.  Whether it’s an adventure down the Ghost Section, or short walk on the Wolf River Greenway in Memphis, there is an eye-opening experience for all on the Wolf River.  If it weren’t for the efforts of the Wolf River Conservancy and TN Wildlife Resources Agency, the Upper Wolf and Ghost Section would probably look it’s downstream counterpart.  They saved the river and we provide the means for you to experience it firsthand.  Its our undoubted belief that being on the Ghost Section is the best way for anyone to realize the magnitude of importance behind the fact that the Ghost River Section exists in its current state.  The preserverance of the Wolf River Conservacy’s efforts has saved this land’s ecosystems, plant life and animal life that were at the edge of extermination.  If you’re like the many people who don’t own your own boat, we would be happy to accommodate you on the Ghost River Section.  We urge all those in capable circumstances to contribute in any way to the Wolf River Conservancy.

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