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Rent a kayak for a day on the Ghost Section for $40.  We carry sit-on-top kayaks for rent and are suitable for the Ghost Section.  Our kayaks are very stable and highly maneuverable. Contrary to popular belief, these boats make navigation much easier for the inexperienced paddler. These single person boats are equipped with great storage (but not as much as a canoe) for any gear or food you plan to bring. These are only single person kayaks.

This trip is for experienced paddlers only, or those with an experienced paddler(s) guiding your group. We have guides available by calling 901-485-1220 if you’re unsure about your experience level or are more comfortable paddling the Ghost Section with a guide.


10 reviews for Kayak Rentals

  1. jcholtiii (verified owner)

    I went last weekend and had such a good time that I gathered my buddies and I’m taking them with me this weekend. It was a rewarding experience to add another river to my belt and conquer the WOLF.

    I will say this though. It’s hard work. It is not a float trip. You will get wet. You will see spiders. You will see snakes. They won’t bother you if you don’t bother them.

    I had a blast and would do it again and again.

  2. Patrick Houston

    +1 extra kayak rental and 4 kayak shuttles (BYOBs)

  3. John Cobia

    3 rentals but a total of 8 will shuttle

  4. Kaneisha

    It was absolutely amazing. It is hard work but it is rewarding. The spiders hanging from trees freaked me out so bad I fell in the water trying to avoid one, and spent the rest of my trip wet but hey I learned to control that fear by the end lol. The scenery looked unreal in some spots. Hyperreal. It felt like a dream. I had no idea such beauty existed in real life especially TN.

  5. Aaron kunkle

    Wonderful river and servicd

  6. mark babb


  7. Alexis Douglas (verified owner)

    Absolutely love Ghost River Rentals! We’ve been with them twice and are going back a third time soon. The guys out there are super amazing and pretty chill. You get a shuttle to the drop-off and then at the end of the trip, you get out where your car is.

    It’s a long trip, so be prepared and pack accordingly. You will get wet and there are some parts (unless they have done some work) where you have to get out to pull your stuff over. There’s snakes and spiders as well as a chance to get poison ivy. YEET.

    Definitely recommend the trip.

  8. Peter (verified owner)

    I’ve done this trip several times, and really love it. GRR makes it easy!

  9. Valeria

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  10. James Maxson (verified owner)

    Exceptional trip on the Ghost River! This was our first time kayaking the Ghost River, so we had a guide (Mike Womack) who went above and beyond to make sure our trip was a memorable one. The natural grandeur of the Ghost River is unparalleled — there are moments of rare beauty that made me feel like I paddled into the prehistoric past.

    I have some experience with canoe floats on easy rivers, and that was plenty of experience to navigate the Ghost River in a kayak with a guide. We will definitely kayak the Ghost River again!

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